Participant Restrictions

  • Minimum Age 10 years and
  • Minimum Height Restriction: 140cm/4ft 7Inches
  • Maximum Weight Restriction: 19 Stone/120kg
  • Be reasonably fit and healthy

Supervision Ratio’s for Adults:Children

  • Under 18′s must be supervised by a participating responsible adult over 18 years at all times.
  • 1 Particpating Adult over 18 years can supervise up to 4 under 18′s on the course at any one time.


  • To take part in the tree top adventure course does require an element of fitness.  The course can be physically and emotionally challenging  If you can climb a ladder unassisted, you should be fine.  If you are unsure about the suitability of the course, we recommend you visit us prior to booking to take a look.
  • Our course elements are graded similar to the Ski Run grading system, so there is something for everyone whether you want to take it easy on your first visit to us, or your an adrenalin adventure thrill seeker!
  • Blue – Easy Route
  • Red – Intermediate/slightly more challenging route
  • Black – Hard Route/Difficult activity
  • You will be required to fill in a declaration form before taking part in our activites.  This declaration form requires you to certify you are fit and healthy and do not suffer from any medical conditions that would make an incident or injury more likely if you were to take part in the course.

Dress Code

  • All jewellery must be removed
  • Hair must be tied back
  • No bare Midriffs
  • We recommend insect repellent and sunscreen
  • No sandals or slip-off shoes. Ankle supporting boots are best. Some people recommend fingerless gloves. Long hair must be tied back. Body piercings should be removed or taped over and midriffs should not be bare as harnesses may chafe. You may want to bring a change of clothing for the journey home.
  • We recommend Long Trousers and Long T-shirts
  • All Cameras or mobile phones must be secured, no loose items taken on the course.
  • Glasses/spectacles  must be secured

Our Belay Safety System

  • We use the  Faszinatour Smart Belay system on our course, this allows particpants to enjoy the ropes course experience without the risk of falling and serious injury resulting in lower adult to children supervision requirements.
  • With many currently existing safety systems, it is often the case that participants accidentally unclip themselves completely from the safety cable – resulting in the Risk of falling! This safety loophole is eliminated through the faszinatour Smart Belay® a system with two pulley carabiners that can communicate with each other. If one of the carabiners is open, the second carabiner recognises this and blocks the opening mechanism until the first carabiner is re-clipped into the safety cable. Only then can the second carabiner be unclipped from the safety cable. Accidentally unclipping both carabiners at the same time is therefore not possible.
  • All particpants must fill out a Disclaimer before starting the course.  If you are supervising any under 18′s you must have permission from their parents or guardians to sign in their absence.  You will be required

Safety Briefing and Disclaimer

  • A safety briefing will be conducted before commencement of the course. Each
    particpant will be assessed during the safety brief element, if they complete the
    first 3 obstacles incorrectly, they will be asked to repeat, if they still fail to complete
    this part safely (they have not understood or cannot understand the safe system of
    completing the course on their own), they will be removed from the course and no
    refunds given.
  • After the safety briefing, paricpants will not be directly supervised by an
  • A particpating adult must accompany under 18 year olds.
  • One adult is allowed to supervise up to 4 children.
  • Particpating adults must sign the Acknowledgement of risk form stating that he or she will accept responsibility for the safety of him/herself and for the supervision of children in his/her care.


Medical Conditions

  • If any medical conditions have been identified on any of the consent or risk forms, you will need to ensure the participant can suitably take part in our activities.  Our risk forms require you to confirm that you do not know of any medical condition that either yourself or any children under your care suffer from which might have the effect of making it more likely that whilst under your care, the child be involved in an incident, which could result in injury others.  This includes epilepsy, seizures, convulsions, Asthma, Back problems, recent injuries and other conditions.  In the event a participant discloses a medical condition, we would recommend they have written consent from their doctor to take part in the activities.  Asthmatics will need to ensure they carry their inhaler on them at all times and this is secured to them as we can not allow loose items on the high ropes course.  It may also be a good idea for the adult who is supevising the children to carry the child’s spare inhaler in case they loose it.  It is our company policy to only allow participants to take part in the activities we provide if they have the necessary medication to administer themselves for any medical issues they have, if for example a child has Asthma, but does not have his inhaler we cannot allow them to take part.  If in doubt please call us on 01865 410074.